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Natural Transplants, Hair Restoration Clinic | Call Us 844-327-4247 | Visit our Website | Board Certified MD Surgeons make the best hair doctors and all our doctors are specializing in hair transplant surgery providing permanent hair loss solutions to men and woman of all ages. You have many choices on whom to trust to treat your hair loss.



By combining the aesthetic skills of a board certified facial plastic surgeon with the most advanced techniques, he are able to achieve the most natural appearing results. Whether it is for male pattern hair loss, beard or eyebrow restoration, the repair of prior unaesthetic hair work, or the treatment of hair loss in women, you can be assured of being treated by a doctor who not only is one of the most experienced in the world, but one who is truly committed to your best interests.

Welcome to the best Hair Transplant clinic in Miami. We specialize exclusively in hair transplant surgery for men and women. Our surgeons, Dr. Matt Huebner, M.D. and Dr. Harold Siegel, M.D. each bring twenty-five years of experience and professional expertise to the practice of follicular unit transplantation, a refined and proven procedure in the field of hair restoration. We hold your well-being, and your pursuit of a fuller, natural looking head of hair, in the highest regard.

By choosing the Natural Transplants, Hair Restoration Clinic, you are putting your trust in Dr. Huebner, a doctor who is a true expert in the hair transplant field.

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Eyebrow Transplant & Restoration

Eyebrows can be a significant facial element that helps to define the way we look. In some ways, eyebrows are more crucial to just one’s physical appearance than scalp hair, as eyebrows are in a more central placement within the deal with and provide to frame the eyes (The only most crucial facial ingredient). Unlike the lack of scalp hair, the lack of just one’s eyebrows is not viewed as being a all-natural procedure and is, hence, not cosmetically suitable.

Eyebrows could be misplaced for a range of factors like thyroid and various systemic diseases, alopecia areata, burns, tattoos, infections, repeated plucking, congenital lack of ability to increase eyebrows as well as a genetic inclination for eyebrows to skinny, or vanish, with time.

Dr. Huebner Discusses Eyebrow Transplants
Eyebrow restoration is analogous to other hair transplant processes executed around the scalp, in that, for correct candidates, the transplanted hair is long lasting. Having said that, since eyebrows have their particular exclusive attributes, eyebrow transplants vary from hair transplants in quite a few important techniques.

Eyebrow Anatomy and Physiology
The course of eyebrow hair changes considerably in various parts of the brow. Inside the location of your eyebrow closest the nose, the hair details upward. The hair over the top rated of your eyebrow details outward and downward. The hair from the lessen Element of the brow grows outward and upward. This criss-cross growth sample brings about the hairs in the midst of the eyebrows to converge and type a subtle natural elevation functioning horizontally through the middle of each and every eyebrow.

The 2nd unique attribute of eyebrow hair is that the hairs arise with the follicle at an exceedingly acute angle so that the hair grows flat to the pores and skin’s area. That is in contrast to scalp hair wherever the angle among the hair and scalp can be 45 levels.

The 3rd critical feature on the eyebrows would be that the hairs expand as unique strands, as an alternative to in the 1- to 4-hair follicular unit grouping which have been characteristic of scalp hair.

The fourth unique factor of eyebrow hair would be that the hair advancement cycle is extremely limited. This means that eyebrow hair will expand (in anagen) only for about four months just before it enters the resting (telogen) section and falls out. In contrast, scalp hair includes a progress phase which can final 3 to 7 several years, enabling the scalp hair to improve for much longer.

Eyebrow Transplant Procedure
The key element of transplanting eyebrows will be to Keep to the organic hair path very intently. This entails extremely refined angle improvements to recreate the admirer-like splay of hair in the medial element of the brow plus the converging hair path as one moves laterally alongside the brow. Most importantly, the recipient sites for that hairs needs to be made with an exceptionally wonderful-gauge needle that actually slides alongside the area in the pores and skin as the internet sites are increasingly being produced, as this could insure which the hair will lie as flat as you possibly can about the area of the skin because it grows.

Another crucial Section of eyebrow restoration is usually that only individual hair follicles can be used. Because the scalp In a natural way contains 1 to 4-hair follicular models, hair taken from this area must be divided up into one-hair grafts employing a stereo-microscope. Technically speaking then, an eyebrow transplant is not really Follicular Device Transplantation, but alternatively an extremely-refined kind of micrografting.

Single hair micrografts, placed into receiver internet sites which have been produced at very acute angles into the pores and skin surface, require a substantial about of skill and working experience. Also, once the patient’s hair is waved or curly, it is especially vital that you rotate the hair so that curve with the hair shaft follows the organic curve of your eyebrow.

Four tricks for transplanting eyebrows:

Use single-hairs during the transplant, not grafts of several hairs
Hairs need to be rotated to Stick to the pure curve from the brow
The transplanted hair have to be planted to lie as flat to the skin How to surface area as is possible
The transplanted grafts should really account for modifications while in the pure way from the hair in numerous areas of the eyebrow, Together with the higher hairs on the eyebrow stating and a little downward plus the lessen types mentioning and marginally upward, producing an interlocking ridge that gives eyebrows their fullness
Beauty Effects of an Eyebrow Transplant
Even though eyebrow hair transplantation is a safe and cosmetically exquisite technique, There are a variety of issues to contemplate prior to going through this kind of hair restoration. Just like hair transplants for the scalp, the hair transplanted to eyebrows will continue to improve and need to therefore be periodically Slice. In addition to remaining a slight nuisance, trimming the hair leaves a Slash-stop that's not as fragile because the great-tipped close of the untouched hair.

In the entire process of therapeutic, all wounds deal. Because the recipient web pages contract, they may marginally transform their flat orientation and sometimes lead to eyebrow hair that is definitely a little bit much more elevated than one particular would love.

In distinction to hair transplants, wherever the donor hair is taken from another A part of the scalp and matches properly, with eyebrow transplants the hair is taken from a A part of the human body in addition to the eyebrows and may Consequently have a little distinctive properties regarding both equally expansion price and visual appeal. If they are different, then with time, the transplanted scalp hair will gradually start to approximate the growth pattern and traits of the prevailing eyebrow hair – but it may under no circumstances absolutely match it.

The looks of an eyebrow transplant will mature around the training course of the year. At that time, a further eyebrow hair transplant process can be considered. Throughout this interval, the eyebrow can be tweezed and shaped as essential.



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